About Us

We are hay people. Haying is in our blood. Bill's parents were hay farmers, his grandparents were hay farmers and Linda's family has been in the horse industry for generations. We are the type of people that prefer a carefully arranged bouquet of timothy over a dozen roses. We breathe deeply when we step outside and bask in the fragrance and aroma of our hay. This is our Chanel No. 5.

While Bill is a full time farmer he is also a career truck driver, working for the same company for over 35 years. He enjoys flying his ultralight, snowmobiling in Canada and of course haying.

Linda is a National Champion equestrian who believes that hay is more than a side dish. She believes (and has proven with her own horses) that grain can be cut in half as long as there is deep, green timothy on the menu. She prefers riding her game horse to her performance horse and loves to travel.

We have been happily married for nearly 40 years, have one daughter, Shanna, a son-in-law, Michael, and a rottweiler named Riley. The highlight of Riley's life is joining Bill on hay deliveries.

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